Innovative robot “BY ROBBOT”, which effectively cleans the beaches of debris and protects the environment

The Problem

dirty beach

Marine litter has a wide variety of negative environmental, social, economic, public health and safety impacts
There are some major sources of beach debris such as beach users, oceans, sea drifts, and river flow.
Traditional mechanical/tractor-towed solution are representing the “legacy approach” and has a challenge to meet the emerging environmental trends and regulation.

Our Solution

Eco-friendly, human power free, autonomic robot

Allows to keep the bio-organic beach ecosystem, cleaning only the beach debris

Debris sorting option

Scalable and modular based approach allows to be used in various operation modes in fast changing beach ecosystem

Allows to clean the area during visiting hours

Potential Market

  • Multibillion global market with direct and indirect impacts, driven by new polices and public awareness
  • Marine plastic pollution costs the world up to $2.5th a year, though scientists warn that this price has been underestimated
  • Plastic marine debris has reduced the value of marine ecosystem services by 1-5%, which equates to a loss of $500-$2500 billion each year
  • Recent study conducted by US government measured economic impact of beach cleaning, showed:
  • Decrease in amount of marine debris on beaches shall bring potential benefits of additional $217 million tourism dollars and over 3 700 new jobs (Ohio case)
  • Versus potential loss from an increase in marine debris, is estimated to be $414 million tourism dollars, and cut-off of nearly 4 300 jobs (Orange County, California case)

Revenue Model

  • Direct and in-direct sales of robot-based solution to municipalities, governmental bodies and local service providers
  • Participating in global initiatives (project based)

Recent News

Our Team

Boris Yampolsky

Boris Yampolsky, Founder & CEO
Serial entrepreneur, more than 20 years of experience in Electronics & Robotics. Motorola, Chacratech, Beit Yatziv.

Victor Djunkovski

Victor Djunkovski, VP R&D
Broad experience in R&D Management and Development in area of Electrical Control & Instrumentation Engineer, micro-controller systems and network technologies

Sergey Andreev

Sergey Andreev
Software engineer

Boris Yampolsky

Nataliia Burukovska, PhD. COO
Over 20 years of academic & research international experience. More than 70 scientific publications, articles and abstracts.

Marina Siman

Maria Siman
Business Analyst.